For more than 60 years, NASW members have made a collective impact on the institutions and policies that help millions of people achieve better lives in their communities. NASW sponsors award programs to honor the highest social work achievements and hosts conferences to showcase excellence throughout the profession.

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«August 2020»
  • Exploring Spirituality with Survivors of Sexual Assault (webinar)

    Exploring Spirituality with Survivors of Sexual Assault (webinar)

    Tuesday July 28th, 2020
    4:00pm Pacific Time

    WEBINAR ”Exploring Spirituality with Survivors of Sexual Assault” Discusses the possible impact of sexual assault on the spirituality of the survivor. Sexual assault may be experienced as a moral injury that leads to questioning ones spiritual beliefs. How can something so awful happen and how does one heal from such a grievous wound? We will discuss how spirituality may be used as an asset in treating the trauma of sexual assault, starting with assessing our own and then our client’s spiritual beliefs. Participants will learn ways to approach spirituality in a culturally relevant way, discuss spirituality without specific religious terminology, and develop community partnerships as support for survivors.

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