Social Worker Political Action Committee

Take Advantage of Oregon’s Political Tax Credit

By pooling small contributions from many social workers all across the state, the Social Worker Political Action Committee (SWPAC) is able to give modest, but significant, campaign assistance to targeted candidates who support social work issues. To do that, SWPAC needs your help. Donate now and get every cent back!

In Oregon, individuals can give up to a total of $50 per year (couples filing jointly $100) to political action committees, and get every cent back when they file their taxes. As the political arm of the NASW Oregon Chapter, SWPAC is committed to bringing the voice of social work to the Oregon Legislature. SWPAC conducts interviews with candidates and we find out where they stand on mental health, healthcare reform, social services, revenue, the budget, judicial reform and other issues important to our professional values.

To get more involved with SWPAC, please contact the the Oregon Chapter Office at 503-452-8420, or click here »

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