Speakers Bureau

NASW Oregon is launching a statewide speakers bureau. The objective of this speakers bureau is to educate the general public, other professionals, and students about the social work profession and to recruit new social workers.  Presentation topics will vary depending on the audience’s/speaker’s interests. As part of the presentation, speakers will also have the opportunity to share their own story/experiences with audiences.

Why get involved with the NASW Speakers Bureau?

As a speaker, you will:

  • Help to make a difference in how the public and media perceive social workers, the profession and social work issues
  • Promote social work as a career option for high school and college students
  •   Gain valuable public speaking experience
  •   Give back to the profession

What are the requirements for getting involved?

Requirements for Speakers:

  • You must be a member of NASW.
  • You will be required to complete an online orientation session (coming soon).
  • You are required to demonstrate comfort in public speaking and knowledge of a topic(s).

Is there anything else I should know?

  • The information from your application will be entered into a database of NASW members (maintained for a minimum of six (6) months). NASW Chapter staff will use the database to connect requests for speakers with relevant experience, location and availability.
  • Membership in the speakers bureau is voluntary. There is no fee for speaking engagements.

Become part of the Speakers Bureau and inspire/educate others by sharing your story and knowledge of social work!  To apply for the Speakers Bureau, please fill out the application here (link). If you have any questions, please contact NASW at 503-452-8420 or dstone.naswor@socialworkers.org.

Request a Speaker
High schools, colleges, universities, organizations, and citizens may request a speaker for a social work presentation. To request a speaker, please fill out a speaker request form. 

speakers bureau application form request a speaker form