Ethics Committee

Committee Chair: Vacant
Contact info:

Please contact Delmar Stone at 503-452-8420 if you are interested in learning more about this committee and to find out about upcoming meetings.

Authorization and Accountability:

The Ethics Committee is a standing committee of NASW Oregon Chapter.  The Ethics Committee is accountable to the Board of Directors.

· Educate members about the Code of Ethics and ethical practice.
· Assist members in the use and application of the Code of Ethics. 
· Provide a forum to explore ethical issues for social work practitioners via informal consultation.

Members, Terms, and Criteria:
The Ethics Committee meets every other month, with additionally scheduled meetings as needed.  Committee members must be a member of NASW in good standing with experience and or specific interest in ethics, and prepared to serve for a minimum of one year.  Due to the potentially sensitive nature of ethical inquiries, Committee members agree to confidentiality for those members seeking consultation. 

· Respond to inquiries from members and chapter staff.
· Describe purpose of committee as stated above to all callers and inquiries.  
· Document inquiries and outcome of consultation.
· Refer to State Licensing Board as appropriate.
· Communicate to the Board of Directors regarding activities of the committee.