Continuing Education Committee

Committee Chair: 
Contact info:
Please contact the chapter at 503-452-8420 if you are interested in learning more about this committee and to find out about upcoming meetings.

Committee Charge/Purpose

Authorization and Accountability:

The Continuing Education Committee reports to the Oregon Chapter NASW Board of Directors.  The Continuing Education Committee is a board-established committee.

The NASW Continuing Education Program certifies post MSW level workshops, conferences, or seminars that contribute substantially to social work knowledge in all areas of practice.  The goal of the program is to encourage the continuing education of all social workers throughout the State and to establish a professional standard of excellence in those continuing education offerings which are beyond the Master’s level of training.

Members, Terms, and Criteria: 
The committee will consist of six members, board appointed, representing a diversity of practice settings (public and private, private practice, community agencies, healthcare, etc).  Attempts to have geographical representation will be made as well.  The committee will recruit members and make recommendations to the board regarding new members.  

Committee members must have email accessibility as the majority of the committee work is done by email.  Members must also make a minimum of a one year commitment, be willing to attend committee meetings when held (approximately 2 times per year or as needed), must be an NASW Oregon chapter member, and be willing to occasionally serve as the committee representative to Board meetings.

Specific Responsibilities:

1.  Follow program application review process as a basis for determining eligibility for Continuing 
    Education credits.

2.  Review all applications in a timely manner and provide input regarding approval.  The intention is 
    to provide feedback to applicants who submit a complete application within 2 weeks.  Feedback to 
    the committee chair from members is requested within 7 days of receipt of copies of the 

3.  Respect the diversity of educational needs of social workers in considering requests for approvals.

4.  Provide updates regarding committee activities to the Chapter Director and to the Oregon 
    Chapter NASW Board of Directors.  A committee representative will attend Board meetings.